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The remote north of Namibia
Home to the semi-nomadic Himba
Destination of our Kaokoveld Expeditions
The Kaokoveld is situated in the north west of Namibia, and a part of the country that seems not of this world. It is infinitely vast, remote and breathtakingly beautiful. We explore the region in specially equipped vehicles with accomplished guides to offer a very different kind of experience.
The Kaokoveld covers an area of around 50’000 km², and includes the region between the Hoanib River and the Kunene River, which marks the Angola border; the Skeleton Coast National Park marks the western border. There is little to no infrastructure here, which means the Kaokoveld is one of the few true wildernesses still in existence. The few people you’re likely to come across in this region are the semi-nomadic Himba, who have learned to survive in this sometimes extremely arid environment.
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