Khaudum National Park
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Namibia’s forgotten park
Elephant and wild dog
San culture at Tsumkwe
Receiving very few visitors, Khaudum National Park is remotely situated in the northeast of Namibia.
It has two rudimentary camps: Sikereti in the south and Khaudum in the north. We recommend visiting here as well-equipped self-caterers. Roads in Khaudum are bad, with deep sand, and temperatures in the summer are brutally hot. There is nothing to buy, no petrol and no food – you are left to fend for yourself.

Visitors usually arrive here via Tsumkwe village, where it’s possible to visit the local San people. The park’s animals are not used to vehicles, and are therefore relatively shy. Elephant and wild dog are the main attractions here. This is really only for those who wish to experience the adventure of visiting a very isolated park.

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