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The warm heart of Africa
Lake Malawi - Lake of Stars
Likoma Island - Kaya Mawa
Malawi – or ‘the warm heart of Africa’, as the locals call it – is a beautiful, peaceful and above all, extremely friendly country. Although smaller and less travelled than the large neighbouring countries of Zambia and Tanzania, Malawi’s warm-hearted hospitality and picturesque landscapes leave guests inspired and delighted. Malawi offers an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna, and landscapes range from mountains and plateau regions to broad expanses and the huge Lake Malawi, which at approximately 580 km long covers a fifth of this landlocked country.

The lake is situated for the most part in the Malawian area, but a western ‘strip’ belongs to its neighbour Mozambique. Malawi is known as the small country on a big lake. Lake Malawi is home to a myriad of rare species of fish; it even has tides like the sea. David Livingstone described it as the ‘lake of stars’, and not just because of its magical reflection of the stars upon its surface, but on nights when the full moon shines, the whole sea glitters like an immense starry sky.

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Malawi Lake Malawi
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5 nights Malawi Lake Malawi
South Luangwa National Park, Lake Malawi

A safari in South Luangwa National Park can easily be combined with some days at the beach of Lake Malawi, for example on Likoma Island at Kaya Mawa.

5 nights Kaya Mawa, Likoma Island
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