Conservation by Travel

Our Commitment
We believe that a safari with us can do good - for the animals, the nature and the local people, whose livelihoods depend on you and your travel. We are truly committed to providing the best safaris in Africa and represent only the most regarded safari operators in Africa.

Our Pledge
We ask our partners to be good and the same applies to us. We contribute 5% of our profits to our foundation SwissAfrican Foundation. The foundation supports conservation initiatives in Africa.

Conservation Safaris
It has been shown that the operation of high-quality eco-lodges within park boundaries is a forward-looking model that not only creates jobs at the lodges and within the supplier industry, but also prevents poaching and land grabbing inside the parks themselves thanks to the permanent presence of staff and guests. All good operators work closely with local communities and employ people from areas surrounding the camps. This strengthens awareness among the younger population in particular that the protection of nature is both important and future-orientated.

Ambassadors of positive change
Dereck Joubert, CEO of Great Plains Conservation and one of our most valued partners, puts it down in his own words:

«Over the years we have witnessed the steady degradation of these natural treasures in spite of considerable efforts to protect them. Species are being taken to the brink of extinction and habitats are being wiped out through poaching, hunting, mining, pollution and human development, use and abuse.

As human populations explode, these rare places, and the diversity of life they support, are valued less not more. They are protected less, not more. In order to secure their future this has to stop and alternative, bold conservation models that successfully integrate communities, governments, and the private sector must be created.

Our model takes stressed and threatened environments, surrounds them with compassionate protection and intelligent, sustainable management, and funds them with sensitive, low-volume, low-impact, tourism. Communities are an intrinsic part of this model and benefit directly from it. The final piece of the puzzle is you – our clients and guests – who pay to visit the camps we create, and through doing so, become our valued partners and ambassadors of positive change.»

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