Details & Prices
Per person per night
CHF 610-1028Double Room
All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
CHF 534-838Double Room
All meals, drinks (except premier brands).

Good to know
Children:from 6 to 18 years
Activities:Families with children (<= 12 years) need to book a private vehicle at extra costs
Families:1 x family room

Natural Selection
Hoanib Valley Camp Kaokoveld

Hoanib Valley Camp is a new camp in the Hoanib Valley. It offers six tents with en-suite bathrooms, indoor & outdoor shower and a shaded outdoor lounge. One of the tents is larger and is used for families.

The six guest tents blend almost perfectly into the rugged environment. The colours, textures and patterns are inspired by the experience of the Hoanib; the rich ochre of the dunes, the geometric patterns of the Himba people and, of course, the giraffe that inspired the project.

The camp is a joint venture with the local community and with the NGO the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).

Hoanib Valley Camp is located in the Sesfontein Community Conservancy and can be reached by vehicle from Sesfontein. The camp sits on the banks of the Obias River, just outside the private 500 square kilometre Palmwag Concession, and overlooks the ephemeral Hoanib River.

The area is part of the Kaokoveld, a land of rugged scenery, mountains, vast plains, and dry riverbeds inhabited by incredible desert-adapted plant and animal life.

Self-Drivers can either drive to the camp from Sesfontein (4 x 4 required) or leave the vehcile at Sesfontein at a secure parking. The camp organizes transfers, leaving Sesfontein at 3pm and departing from camp at 09 am.

Flights are planned from Windhoek to Fort Sesfontein, and down to Shipwreck Lodge.

The Hoanib is known to be one of the best wildlife areas in Namibia outside Etosha National Park. Giraffes and Oryx are often seen. Desert adapted elephants search the river beds for water, usually the big bulls but entire elephant herds are seen as well. Cheetahs are also present and the elusive brown hyenas frequent the area too.

Finding one of the rare desert lions will be a highlight of your stay at Hoanib Valley. These wonderful animals are closely monitored and protected by Dr. Philip (Flip) Stander.

Activities include game drives and nature walks, visits to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation field-base, rhino tracking, cultural experiences with local Herero people.

Scheduled transfers are offered to Skeleton Coast via the northern Hoarusib Valley in order to combine Hoanib Valley with Shipwreck Lodge. It is a long transfer but very rewarding.

Good to know
The camp is powered by solar energy.

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