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The only petrol station and
the only apple pie between Sesriem
and Walvis Bay (316km)
Solitaire is a small settlement near the Namib Naukluft National Park. It features an important petrol station and a legendary bakery. Percy Moose McGregor, founder and former owner of the bakery, has made Solitaire world-famous with his apple pie.
Solitaire is a collection of a few houses, a chapel, a gas station, an airfield and of course the bakery with café. It owes its fame to the fact that two important tourist roads meet here, the C14 from Walvis Bay to Sossusvlei and the C24 that meets the C14 from Windhoek / Rehoboth.

The petrol station and of course the bakery are the only supply points on the 316km route from Sesriem to Walvis Bay. Nowadays the bakery also has super fast internet ... so the best apple pie and the fastest internet in Namibia are found in the middle of nowhere.

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