Luederitz - Aus
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Lüderitz - Aus
Port town Lüderitz
Ghost town Kolmanskop
Namibian wild horses at Aus
Lüderitz is a harbour town in the south of Namibia. The main attraction here is Kolmanskop, a ghost town that is slowly disappearing under sand dunes.
Lüderitz is a natural harbour – something of a rarity along the Namibian coast – but is still not suitable for large modern ships, which usually dock at Walvis Bay. Lüderitz experienced a boom when diamonds were discovered at nearby Kolmanskop in 1909, but these times are long gone, and Lüderitz is now battling to be remembered.

The discovery of diamonds at Kolmanskop saw the area boom. The town became one of the richest in Africa, and its approximately 400 residents were not afraid to spend their money.
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