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Fantastic wildlife
Incredibly beautiful camps in private areas
Possibly the best safaris in Africa
With 2.3 million inhabitants in an area larger than France, one can easily feel the vastness of the wilderness in Botswana. The same applies to the national parks, where access is very strictly regulated in order to keep the visitor, animal and plant life ratio at a sustainable level. The Government of Botswana, which fortunately always favoured an exclusive eco-tourism, strictly monitors the quality and sustainability of the camps. You will experience safaris in areas almost untouched by humans.
The jewel of Botswana is undoubtedly the stunning Okavango Delta, a flood zone in northern Botswana which is home to an incredible variety of wildlife and fantastic bird life. Our safari camps are small and intimate and offer exclusive access to private game areas.

The cost of a safari in Botswana are very high but well worth the money. The best safari areas are located in the Inner Okavango / Linyanti areas and are only accessible by plane. This is where you experience probably the best safaris in Africa, as far away from mass tourism as it can get.
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