Skeleton Coast
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Skeleton Coast
'The Land God Made in Anger'
Skeletons of old ships and stranded whales
Seal colonies
The northern section of the Namib Desert, which stretches along the Kunene River from Swakopmund towards Angola, is commonly known as the Skeleton Coast. In principle, however, the entire coast of Namibia can be called the Skeleton Coast. The special weather conditions along the coast make it treacherous for ships – and whoever ends up here has little chance of surviving.
Daytime temperatures in Namibia can, for example in the Namib Desert, reach 50°C during the summer months, but also drop to 0°C at night, which is a massive fluctuation. The coast receives little to no rain because cold ocean currents from the Antarctic (Benguela Current) create offshore crosswinds that prevent clouds from reaching the mainland (similar to the Atacama Desert in Chile). However, this leads to an increase in the formation of fog, making it difficult for ships to navigate.
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