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Namib - the world's oldest desert
Desert & Sea - a mind blowing contrast
Great wildlife in Etosha National Park & Caprivi
Nestled between the Namib Desert and the Kalahari lies the driest country south of the Sahara - Namibia.
Namibia’s endless sands, rocky outcrops and boulders contrast with the unvarying blue sky to create a truly enchanting atmosphere. The country is dry, dusty and lonely and often seems a bit lifeless - but in reality Namibia hosts over 4,000 plant species, 650 bird species and 80 different mammals, many of which are endemic to Namibia. In particular, nowhere else can you find so many beautiful lizards - true sun lovers.

If you are looking for wide plains, rugged mountains, stoney deserts, sand dunes, lonely and wild coasts and if you like to combine this with a safari, don't look any further, Namibia has it all.

Culturally, Namibia has been greatly influenced by the Germans, the English and the South Africans, and traces of this past can still be found in every corner of the country today.

Namibia is best explored in a light aircraft, as distances can be immense. Self-drive travel is also possible, but requires a little more time.
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