Island Hopping

Island Paradise Denis Island
7 nights
from CHF 4'751.- per person
7 nights Island Paradise Denis Island
Denis Island

Denis Private Island is located 95km north of Mahe and accessed by air. The flight takes about 30 minutes. The island is surrounded by a coral reef and beautiful white beaches.

7 nights Denis Island

Denis Island's white beaches are ideal for swimming in the ocean, for kids and adults alike.
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Island Hopping Maia & North Combo
7 nights
from CHF 22'550.- per person
Island Hopping Denis & Maia Combo
7 nights
from CHF 6'576.- per person
Island Paradise North Island
7 nights
from CHF 36'841.- per person
Island Paradise Fregate Island
7 nights
from CHF 17'493.- per person
Island Hopping La Digue & Denis Combo
7 nights
from CHF 5'227.- per person
Island Hopping Inner Circle
14 nights
from CHF 34'782.- per person
14 nights Island Hopping Inner Circle
Mahe, Fregate, Praslin, Denis, North Island

Get to know different Seychelles' islands on a fantastic helicopter safari.

2 nights Maia Resort
3 nights Fregate Island
3 nights Constance Lemuria, Praslin
3 nights Denis Island
3 nights North Island
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