Island Hopping
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Island Paradise Fregate Island
7 nights
from CHF 16'711.- per person
7 nights Island Paradise Fregate Island
Fregate Island

Fregate Island Private is located 20min from Mahe by helicopter. Fregate Island is an island of great scenery and beauty: a tropical green «Robinson Crusoe»- island, surrounded by several beautiful beaches that are dotted with granite boulders.

7 nights Fregate Island

Besides you, about 2000 Giant Aldabra Tortoises live on the island ...
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Island Hopping La Digue & Denis Combo
7 nights
from CHF 5'207.- per person
open seychelles-7-nights-ladigue-denis-combo
Island Paradise Denis Island
7 nights
from CHF 4'843.- per person
open seychelles-7-nights-denis-island
Island Hopping Maia & North Combo
7 nights
from CHF 21'893.- per person
open seychelles-7-nights-maia-north-combo
Island Hopping Denis & Maia Combo
7 nights
from CHF 6'521.- per person
open seychelles-7-nights-denis-maia-combo
Island Paradise North Island
7 nights
from CHF 31'017.- per person
open seychelles-7-nights-north-island
Island Hopping Inner Circle
14 nights
from CHF 32'313.- per person
14 nights Island Hopping Inner Circle
Mahe, Fregate, Praslin, Denis, North Island

Get to know different Seychelles' islands on a fantastic helicopter safari.

2 nights Maia Resort
3 nights Fregate Island
3 nights Constance Lemuria, Praslin
3 nights Denis Island
3 nights North Island
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