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Per person per night
CHF 654-1169Double Room

All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.

Good to know
Children:from 6 to 16 years
Activities:Families with children (<= 12 years) need to book a private vehicle at extra costs
Families:No family room. Triples possible however with impact on comfort. Reduced rates for children in triples.

Wilderness Safaris
Serra Cafema Kunene - Kaokoveld

Eight elegantly furnished, thatched Meru-style villas sit nestled in the green belt along the banks of the Kunene River. The main building houses a dining area with large outdoor terrace, a river bar, gift shop, lounge/library and a swimming pool.

The camp is stylishly and luxuriously furnished and each of the en-suite rooms is equipped with a lounge, outdoor shower and fantastic terrace, where guests can relax and read on the sofa or in the hammock. The views over the lush green vegetation along the riverbanks and the sweeping desert landscape are breathtaking.

Serra Cafema is remotely situated in the extreme northwest of Namibia. The only inhabitants of this region are the Himba nomads, who are considered to be one of Africa's last surviving tribal populations. The camp is located on the banks of the Kunene River, which marks the border with Angola and constitutes the only permanent source of water in this grandiose landscape.

Running a large distance parallel to the coast, Hartmann Valley acts as the gateway to Serra Cafema. The airfield where guests arrive was built on a plateau, from where the road leads steeply (and full of surprises) down to the river. The surrounding area is a spectacular combination of sand dunes, rugged rocky outcrops and the broad grass plains of Hartmann Valley, lined with rolling hills and sprinkled with so-called ‘fairy circles'.

Wildlife observation is limited to mountain zebra, oryx, springbok, water birds and a large number of Nile crocodile - somewhat of an anomaly in this desert environment. Several endemic species of reptile, including the desert chameleon, may also make an appearance.

The camp offers nature drives in an off-roader, boat trips, guided walks, and a visit to a Himba settlement if they happen to be in the area. Several employees are Himba and are always informed about the whereabouts of their fellow tribesmen. Quad bike excursions are also on offer, but with a strong emphasis on the protection of nature!

Good to know
Serra Cafema focuses more on a unique nature experience and is not to be understood as a ‘big 5 safari' camp. The unadulterated landscape and the water/ desert contrast leaves everybody utterly astounded.

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