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Namibia’s capital city
Starting point for most trips within Namibia
Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, the seat of the president, and its economic centre. Most international flights arrive here, which is why most tours within Namibia begin at Windhoek.
Windhoek is situated in a hilly environment, in the Khomas Highland region, about 1600 m above sea level. The international airport is approx. 1 hours’ drive east, as the city itself has no suitable place for a major airport. It is also served by a small airport (Eros), which is used by lighter aircraft.

The city doesn’t offer enough to warrant remaining for days, but it is the perfect place to spend a night at the beginning or end of a tour, and it is well worth having a look around. Windhoek’s size and straightforward layout means it’s easy for self-drivers to find their way around, and therefore the perfect place to stock up on provisions.

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