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Nest Hotel Luderitz

The Nest Hotel in Lüderitz is located directly on the sea of the Lüderitz bay and has its own small tidal beach. The hotel is the most renowned accommodation in Lüderitz and offers 70 rooms, all with sea view. The suites on the top floor are the most noble option, but the newly renovated deluxe rooms are also very appealing.

The Penguin Restaurant and the Crayfish Bar & Lounge serve a wide ranging menu of sea food including fresh Lüderitz lobster.

Lüderitz is a harbour town in southwest Namibia. There are only very few bays along Namibia's coastline that are suitable for harbours. Unfortunately Lüderitz harbour has a very shallow rock bottom, making it unusable for large modern ships. Most of the shipping business moved to Walvis Bay further north.

When diamonds were discovered in nearby Kolmanskop in 1909, Lüderitz became a very wealthy town for a short while. These times are long gone and Lüderitz now battles not to be forgotten by the world. The weather can sometimes be rough, with strong gusty winds blowing sand over the roads.

The abandoned diamond town of Kolmanskuppe is located 10km outside of Lüderitz (renamed «Naminüs»). You can visit the ghost town on your own for an entrance fee between 8 am and 1 pm or with a guide, who is booked on site. Please note that the guided tours only take place at certain times.

More time is needed if you wish to visit lesser known ghost towns. On a full day tour into the restricted Sperrgebiet (permit required), the former diamond mining areas of Pomona and Bogenfels are fascinating witnesses of their time. Once Bogenfels is reached, it becomes clear that this is not only a mining area but also an impressive rock formation.

Various 4 x 4 routes (permit, with guide) also lead to the area north of Lüderitz.

Diaz Point is a historical location at the very tip of Lüderitz Peninsula. At this inhospitable point, plagued by strong winds, the Portuguese navigator Barthalomeu Diaz is said to have erected a cross in 1488. The lighthouse, which shows seafarers the safe entrance to Lüderitz harbour, is an impressive landmark.

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