Details & Prices
Per person per night
CHF 507-771Double Room

All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service.

Good to know
Surcharge for Easter and Christmas.

Children:from 1 to 12 years
Families:Children sharing with their parents overnight at reduced rates. Child minding available.
Migration Camp Serengeti - Lobo

Migration camp is a permanent camp comprising twenty raised tents, each equipped with an en-suite bathroom, double washbasin, leather chairs and a 360° outdoor veranda with rocking chairs.

Facilities at the main building include a lounge, bar, restaurant, swimming pool and sundeck. Access to the camp is via wooden bridges.

Far from the tourist crowds, Migration Camp is located north of the Lobo region in the northern Serengeti. The camp is built at the foot of a kopje or rocky island outcrop and offers spectacular views over the plains surrounding the Grumeti River and the Ndasiata Hills. The ever-present grunting of hippo can be heard day and night as these magnificent creatures wallow in the hippo pool close to the river.

The variety of wildlife is good all year round and the migration passes through the area twice a year.

The camp offers game drives and walking safaris along the Grumeti River.

Your alternatives

Permanent Camps
Permanent camps do not change location and therefore have a better infrastructure than mobile camps.
Mobile Camps
Mobile camps operate in the Sereangeti and change their location two or three times a year following the Great Migration of the wildebeest and zebra. Mobile camps have a simpler, bush-like character. Although the rooms have an en-suite bathroom, there is often no running water in the rooms. Bathrooms are then equipped with a so-called bucket shower that needs to be filled with hot water by the camp team on demand.
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