Nyerere National Park
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Nyerere National Park
Tanzania's largest National Park
Boat trips on lakes, lagoons and rivers
Easy to combine with Ruaha National Park
Nyerere National Park, formerly known as northern part of the Selous Game Reserve, covers 30'893 km2 of wilderness and is twice as large as the Serengeti. The area was declared a National Park in 2019 and is since the largest National Park in Tanzania.
At 600 km long, the Rufiji River is the longest river in East Africa and source of the park’s lifeblood. The branched river system includes five large lagoons, which are (from west to east) Lake Tagalala, Lake Manze, Lake Nzerakera, Lake Siwandu and Lake Mzizimia.

The park comprises 75% mixed miombo forest, but also supports a striking number of beautiful palms, including the borassus and doum palms, and many candelabra trees (Euphorbia candelabrum). The Rufiji River is the park’s lifeblood: the river system, the marshes, canals and lagoons attract all kinds of animals, including crocodile, hippo, buffalo, elephant, lion and antelope. Hyena, leopard and wild dog can also be seen here.
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