Ruaha National Park
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Ruaha National Park
Largest national park in Tanzania
Forests, savannahs and the Great Ruaha River
Easy to combine with Nyerere and Katavi National Park
Ruaha National Park is the largest national park in Tanzania. The region is diverse, with forested areas and open savannahs similar to those in the north of Tanzania, and supports lion, cheetah, leopard and wild dog, all of which live side by side with large populations of elephant, buffalo and antelope.
The park expanded in 2008 to include the Usanga Wetlands, and in addition to its 40% miombo forest, also boasts open savannahs, beautiful baobab, acacia and palm forests, as well as several springs, marshes and seasonal flood plains. The park borders on the Mzumbe River to the north and the Great Ruaha River to the south. The Usungu Game Reserve and three further reserves surround the park almost entirely.
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