Mgahinga NP
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Mgahinga National Park
Retreat for mountain gorillas
Beautiful volcanic landscape
Gorilla trekking with rangers
Mgahinga National Park includes the part of the Virunga Volcanoes that is located in Uganda.
The area was declared a National Park in 1991 to prevent land claims and to preserve the habitat of the gorillas. The Batwa pygmies were displaced in the process and now live outside the park. The approximately 18 remaining families live in simple conditions and are mainly supported by tourism.

At the moment clients can visit one habituated gorilla family in the park, the Nyakagezi group. The group used to migrate back and forth between Rwanda and Uganda, but now seems to have settled permanently in Uganda, i.e. Mgahinga National Park. Trekking to the gorillas is relatively easy as the park consists mainly of bamboo forest that is less dense as Bwindi (Impenetrable Forest).

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