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Minimum stay of 5 nights from 22 Dec to 05 Jan.

Children:from 1 to 17 years
Families:Children are welcome in Kaskazi and Kusi villas.

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Azura Quilalea Quirimbas Archipelago

Owners Christopher and Stella Bettany have turned this former beach lodge on Quilalea into a breathtaking island oasis. Located on Quilalea Island, Azura Quilalea offers nine private villas of varying category (4 Kaskazi Villas, 4 Kusi Villas and Villa Quilalea). The thatched villas are each equipped with indoor/outdoor shower and private sala with comfortable daybed, and offer unrivalled views of the ocean and spectacular white beaches.

The islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago are located in the Indian Ocean in the most northern part of Mozambique, close to the border with Tanzania. The archipelago comprises 32 islands stretching over 100 km along the coast of Pemba to the Rovuma River, which marks the border with Tanzania.

Azura Quilalea is a luxury retreat in the most beautiful, unspoiled setting. The island is private with no villages. It is accessed via Pemba, which can be reached by plane from Johannesburg, Dar-Es-Salam or Maputo. A helicopter will take you to the island in 25 minutes.

Relax at the cliff-top African Spa, beach picnics, private dinners, island baobab trail, kayak trips among the mangroves, diving and dive courses, deep sea fishing, guided snorkelling trips, trips on traditional dhow boats, excursions to neighbouring islands - there's a comprehensive range of activities for those who want to do more than just relax.

Humpback whale can be seen from July to November; tortoises build their nests from November to April.

Good to know
The helicopter has a 15 kg pp luggage limit! Visitors will notice that the coast in the north of Mozambique is covered with huge mangrove forests.

Children are welcome at the Kaskazi and Kusi Villas. The villa is not suited for children. The main building is equipped with a media centre for communication with the outside world. The lodge has a pool, a wine cellar and a fully equipped water sport centre.

4 x Kusi Villas, zirka 45 m2
4 x Kaskazi Villas, zirka 45 m2

1 x Villa Quilalea
The villa is built on a coral rock and offers even more privacy, a plunge pool, outdoor shower and a separate lounge/dining room. A small, private beach is located right in front of the villa.

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