Bazaruto Archipelago
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Bazaruto Archipel
Just a two-hour flight from Johannesburg
Offshore islands with beatiful beaches
National Park established in 1971
The Bazaruto Archipelago comprises the two main islands Bazaruto and Benguerra, the smaller islands Magaruque and Santa Carolina, and the secondary islands Banque and Shell (Pansy) Island, which are more or less sandbanks.
The islands are situated approximately 10-minutes flying distance from Vilanculos in the south of Mozambique. Vilanculos is a two-hour flight from Johannesburg. A visit to the islands is ideally combined with a safari in Botswana, or anywhere else in southern Africa.

The archipelago was declared a national park in 1971. The waters around the islands are full of dolphin. Whale shark and whale visit at certain times of the year and sometimes one of the very rare dugong is spotted.

Bazaruto is the largest island and offers some 3-4* hotels. We prefer the second largest island Benguerra Island, where Benguerra Lodge and Azura Lodge offer the best accommodation on the archipelago. On Magaruque and Santa Carolina the existing accommodations fell into disrepair during the civil war.

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