Details & Prices
Per person per night
CHF 1372-2095Double Room

All meals, drinks (soft drinks, wine, local spirits, tea, coffee), laundry service. Rate includes two dives per day, snorkelling, kayaking, SUP, fly fishing, dhow trips. Includes transfers from Zanzibar airport to Mnemba Island return.

Good to know
Price reduction for stays 4 nights +

Closed:8 Apr 24 to 20 May 24
Children:from 1 to 16 years
Families:Two children max at any time on the island. Two bandas are situated within close proximity to one another and can accommodate a family of four (two adults and two children). Triples are possible. Mnemba offers the fun-filled and interactive WILDchild programme.
Mnemba Private Island

Mnemba Island Lodge is set on a private island and comprises just twelve bandas nestled under the shade of elegant trees on a pristine white beach. Read, relax, enjoy - either from the comfort of your own private veranda, in your beach lounge or at the beach front on your private sun loungers. The sound of the sea mingles with the chirping of crickets - a hypnotic tapestry of sound that, combined with fine food and personalized service, will bring the 5* Robinson Crusoe to life in you.

The rooms are quite rustic and luxurious at the same time. The use of a lot of natural materials creates a very warm and sympathetic atmosphere and the open architecture allows interaction with the outside world. The bedroom with dressing room is connected to the separate bathroom via a covered passage. A huge thatched roof protects the bedroom and the veranda, where you can sit and read comfortably during the day.

The central area consists of the restaurant and the bar/lounge and a bit hidden lies the library, the curio shop and the water sports center. Service and food are of high quality, leaving no wish unfulfilled. In the evening, dinner is usually served under the stars, either at the main area or in the privacy of your room.

From the airport, it is about a 1hour 30minutes drive to the northeast corner of Zanzibar (Muyuni), followed by a 10-minute boat trip to the island. Neither on the island nor at Muyuni there is a jetty, so all travelers have to wade through water and should prepare accordingly.

Surrounded by coral reefs and thus ideal for snorkelling and diving, the island has a circumference of approx 1.5 km. The spectacular beach gives way to a crystal clear ocean that invites guests to swim and snorkel all year round. At low tide a walk around the island is easily doable as wide sandbanks are exposed on the eastern side of the island. In front of the lodge swimming is always possible, even at low tide.

Mnemba Island is a breeding ground for the endangered green turtle. They are laying their eggs mainly between February and July, with an incubation time of around 60 days, but turtle activities can happen all year round.

A little safari is possible even on Mnemba Island. Two antelope species, the Ader's Duiker and the smaller Suni antelope, were brought to the island where they have happily reproduced since.

Two dive trips per day are included in the price (don't forget your PADI licence). Snorkelling, kayaking, SUP and fly-fishing are also part of the package. A sailing trip on a traditional dhow comes highly recommended too.

Diving courses, trips to Zanzibar, massages and spa treatments are at extra cost.

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