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Lango Camp Odzala-Kokoua National Park

The design of the camp is inspired by the traditional construction methods used by local Pygmy groups. Employing only natural local materials such as bamboo, the camps blend seamlessly with this remote forest environment. Once again, the idea here is that the camps leave as little impact as possible on the surrounding area.

There are 6 double rooms in camp all built on 3 - 4 meter stilts overlooking the Lango Bai. The rooms are constructed of natural materials including locally woven raffia palm panels. The camp is connected by a series of raised walkways creating a treehouse-like atmosphere. There is a dining, lounge and bar area overlooking the bai, as well as a star deck where guests can relax and enjoy pre-dinner drinks.

Lango Camp is situated close to the estuary of the Lango and Lekoli rivers, surrounded by ancient rainforest and savannah. The marshy bai in front of the camp holds a magnetic attraction for huge flocks of African green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as for herds of forest buffalo by day and forest elephants by night.

Lango’s strategic location in the south central part of Odzala allows easy access to a variety of converging habitat such as forests, open savannah and wide rivers.

A real highlight of your stay at Lango is the change to explore the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers by motorboat, traditional pirogue, or even kayak. Lango is also one of the few places in Africa where you can safely explore streams and marshes on foot – a true immersive experience!

Please note that there is no gorilla trekking at Lango Camp.

Why Congo?
This former French colony is situated between Gabon and the more sizable Democratic Republic of Congo. This largely unknown and sparsely populated country is a real insiders' tip among travellers - not least because of its astounding variety of forest and wildlife. This small, pristine country boasts the highest concentration of western lowland gorilla found anywhere.

Experience the thrill of the Congo with its dense and endless rainforest, beautiful lagoons and the fascinating western lowland gorilla, chimpanzee and forest elephant.

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