« Our trip was simply amazing! The staff, the camps were all of exceptional quality. We felt very much looked-after and cared for. The landscape is stunning and we saw more animals than we ever expected!»
« We went on a fly-in safari with SwissAfrican. To see Namibia from a bird's eye view is simply amazing and well worth the extra money. Camps and lodges were beautiful and well organized with very good activities.»
« The combination of Zambia and Zimbabwe was just perfect. The parks were very different and diverse. SwissAfrican advised us correctly and we ended up with a trip that exceeded our expectations. Thank you!»
« I was very impressed by Abu Camp. It has always been my dream to be so close to elephants. You can also watch the elephants from a star deck, very close, you can also sleep there, but the elephants tend to snore!»
« North Island is a true paradise. If you can afford it is the perfect island hideaway.»
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