21 nights
Shipwreck Explorer
Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Twyfelfontein, Damaraland, Skeleton Coast, Hoanib, Etosha, Windhoek
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Namibia is a land of spectacular landscapes, endless skies, barren deserts, rugged mountain ranges and breathtaking wildlife - participants of this self-drive safari experience something of all this.

On this trip you first drive south to the great sand dunes of Sossusvlei and the beautiful Namib desert. The road north then takes you along the fringe of the desert and eventually to the coastal town of Swakopmund. Your next stop are the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein and the volcanic rock landscape of Damaraland where desert adapted elephants roam. You then head west to Skeleton Coast National Park via Springbok Gate to Möwe Bay and from there to Shipwreck Lodge, the only lodge within Skeleton Coast NP. After exciting days at the ocean, the journey continues as a 4 x 4 trail through the Hoarusib Valley to Leilands Drift and from there to the Hoanib area, where you will spend more exciting days exploring this wild and untamed corner of Namibia. After a lazy wake-up it is a few hours to Palmwag Loge where you will be picked up for your transfer to Etendeka Mountain Camp, where interesting walks await you. A five hour drive you reach Etosha National Park. You have plenty of time to visit the many waterholes and experience a variety of animals up close during the next few days. On your way back to Windhoek, Zannier Omaanda is the perfect retreat to fully enjoy your last days in the wild before returning home.

This self-drive journey starts in Windhoek, where you pick up your vehicle. We definitely recommend a first night in Windhoek, which gives you enough time to buy some snacks and water for the trip. Apart from the few paved main roads, most of the roads you drive are gravel roads. Participants in this journey are stirring up a lot of dust! You visit the most beautiful areas of Namibia and experience the entire fascination of this huge country.

Transport Mode Rental Car: Toyota Fortuner 4x4 automatic, or similar
You pick up your rental vehicle and set off.
1 night Olive Grove Guesthouse Windhoek

The Olive Grove is a charming, intimate guesthouse with eleven beautifully appointed rooms, each equipped with a minibar, air conditioning/heating, safe, TV and hairdryer. Its five standard rooms are located on the lower storey; its luxury rooms with access to a terrace are on the upper storey. Those in search of the ultimate luxury experience can book the 80 m2 executive suite, which comes with its own lounge.

A breakfast buffet is included; lunch and à la carte dinner is either served in the restaurant or on the veranda. The Olive Grove takes great pride in its cuisine and is certain to delight even the most discerning of palates.

A swimming pool provides the perfect place for a cooling dip.

The Olive Exclusive is the neighbouring house and well worth a visit. Read more about the Olive Exclusive here.  

The Olive Grove is located close to the city centre in the Klein Windhoek district. The international airport is approximately one hour away; the local airport, Windhoek Eros, can be reached in several minutes.

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3 nights Kwessi Dunes NamibRand

Kwessi Dunes is located in the NamibRand Nature Reserve, a place of immense beauty, where red sand dunes stretch endlessly against the backdrop of the Naukluft Mountains. The lodge offers twelve comfortable, air-conditioned tent chalets, each covered by a protective thatched roof. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with indoor & outdoor showers and a veranda with seating. Two of the chalets are family rooms with two bedrooms (1 x king-size bed and 1 x two single beds) which share a common bathroom.

The chalets have been extended towards the rear with a separate stargazer bedroom, which is open to the sky and allows a stunning view of the millions of stars, especially during new moon and cloudless nights. The NamibRand Reserve is Africa's first internationally recognized Dark Sky Reserve, which means that light pollution is absolutely minimal.

The spacious main building is protected from the sun by a striking thatched roof. Beneath is the bar, a library with a large number of books to browse through, the restaurant and various seating areas that invite you to linger. There is also a swimming pool if you need to cool down from the heat of the day.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of southern Africa's largest private reserves. A large number of sheep farms were combined with the aim of creating an unfenced nature reserve where animals can roam freely. The reserve covers 200,000 hectares bordering on the Namib Naukluft Park to the west, and the Nubib Mountains in the east.

Kwessi Dunes is located south of Sossusvlei, north of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in a private concession of about 15’000 hectares. Although the dunes of Sossusvlei are within easy reach, an early wake-up call is still required (30km to the gate of the park and from there another hour drive to the vleis).

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Transport Mode Excursion to the dunes of Sossusvlei
Today you visit the high sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Dune 45, Hidden Vlei, Dead Vlei are amongst the highlights. Some guests climb Big Daddy, the highest dune in the area. A real challenge, even for the sportive ones amongst you. Please bring enough water!

Transport Mode Balloon Safari over Sossusvlei
The balloon safari at Sossusvlei starts very early, inflation of the balloon needs to be done before sunrise and before the winds pick up. Once the balloon is airborne you drift silently and effortlessly over the desert for about an hour. Every now and then the pilot starts the burners, but between these occasional blasts of fire, there is no sound. The views of the Namib Desert are exceptional.

On landing (wherever the wind has taken you) there is a champagne breakfast waiting for you.
2 nights Strand Hotel Swakopmund

The new Strand Hotel has set a new standard in Swakopmund. Uniquely located on the iconic and historic Swakopmund Mole and surrounded on three sides by the Southern Atlantic Ocean its 125 rooms and suites make this hotel one of the larger ones in town, but of those certainly the one with the best seaside location. All rooms have tea & coffee stations, mini-bars, hair-dryers, TV’s, free Wi-Fi Internet access, telephones and air-conditioning.

The Strand Hotel offers its residential guests and all casual visitors three exciting restaurants. The Farmhouse Deli is good for coffee, cake, sandwiches and fresh salads. The Brewer & Butcher welcomes beer and meat lovers. The Ocean Cellar caters for guests who prefer seafood, sushi, oyster and a glass of fine white wine.

The Strand Hotel is destined to become the social epicenter of Swakopmund for locals and tourists alike.

The Strand Hotel is centrally located directly at the beach and close to the light house. If you want to swim in the ocean be warned, the water is very refreshing due to the cold Benguela current. However you may see some brave local on his surfboard and of course the kids who play in the shallow water during the warmer summer months.

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2 nights Mowani Mountain Camp Twyfelfontein

Mowani Mountain Camp comprises 12 charming rooms with high thatched roofs and comfortable verandas. The dome-like main roof leaves a window to the sky above the beds, stargazing from the bed so to say. The rooms are nestled between rounded boulders and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. The room categories are defined by the quality of the view - accordingly there are 4 Superior View Rooms (No 1-4) with sunset view, 3 View Rooms (No 5-7) with view into a hidden valley and 5 Standard View Rooms (No 8-12). Some of the rooms have been extended with a canopy, under which a dome tent is placed, accommodating two children. Alternatively, these beds can be added to the room if parents prefer.

Mowani also offers a Luxury Room, a Mini Suite and the Mountain Suite with butler service, lounge and private dining area. These three rooms are larger and offer more privacy than the other rooms, but only the Mountain Suite stands out with a truly magnificent view.

The central area includes a small rock swimming pool with great views, lounge, restaurant and an extra wifi lounge. In the evening most guests visit the rock-top viewing plateau to enjoy the sunset. The sundowner drink is added to the view upon request.

Mowani is located near Twyfelfontein and is accessed via D2612 or by light aircraft to Twyfelfontein Airstrip. The camp is built in a hidden valley amidst a boulder landscape only some minutes drive from the road.

Just across the road lies Camp Kipwe, Mowani‘s sister camp.

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Transport Mode Trip to find the desert elephants in Huab river
Embark on a guided nature drive. With luck, you will encounter desert elephant in their natural environment, particularly prevalent in the Huab River Valley.

Transport Mode Visit Twyfelfontein Bushman Art
The ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein are well worth a visit. Home to 2500 rock engravings and paintings, Twyfelfontein was added to the World Heritage Site list in 2007.
2 nights Shipwreck Lodge Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast is a special place. Rough, sometimes inhospitable, secluded and majestic, and for that very reason attractive. Shipwreck Lodge is the only lodge within the Skeleton Coast National Park. It is located a few hundred meters inland on the first sand dunes, but the sea is clearly visible and can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes.

Each of the 10 rooms have been constructed to resemble the shipwrecks that line the beach, slightly inclined in the sand and bracing itself against the stiff sea breeze. Large windows allow a clear view of the sand dunes and the sea. The cozy bedroom has wooden ceilings and a warming stove for the cold days. A dressing room with tea/coffee station connects to the bathroom, which is equipped with a double sink, shower, toilet and portholes. All rooms have a sofa, which can be used as an extra bed for a triple, or even as a double bed for families with two children.

Shipwreck Lodge is located 68km north of Moewe Bay on the Skeleton Coast.

The first part of the Skeleton Coast from Swakopmund to the north is open to the public. The Skeleton Coast National Park itself, a 16,845 km² large nature reserve, was founded in 1973 and later linked to the Namib-Naukluft Park via the Dorob National Park.

The southern entrance of the park is located after mile 108 near the mouth of the Ugab River. If you want to enter the park from Damaraland, you have to go through Springbokwater Gate. You have to register in any case, but the permit is free of charge.

Access to the lodge is by light aircraft (charter) to Möwe Bay, followed by a road transfer to the lodge that takes about two hours. This is usually combined with a visit to the seal colony and various shipwrecks as part of a first afternoon activity.

If you are self-driving, please park your vehicle at Möwe Bay where a guide from the lodge will pick you up at 3pm. Only Self-Drivers who continue to Hoanib Valley Camp are allowed to bring their vehicle to to lodge in convoy with the camp's guide at 3pm. There are some deep sandy passages to master and confidence in driving is essential.

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By Vehicle Travel by road to Hoanib Valley Camp
3 nights Hoanib Valley Camp Kaokoveld

Hoanib Valley Camp is a new camp in the Hoanib Valley. It offers six tents with en-suite bathrooms, indoor & outdoor shower and a shaded outdoor lounge. One of the tents is larger and is used for families.

The six guest tents blend almost perfectly into the rugged environment. The colours, textures and patterns are inspired by the experience of the Hoanib; the rich ochre of the dunes, the geometric patterns of the Himba people and, of course, the giraffe that inspired the project.

The camp is a joint venture with the local community and with the NGO the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF).

Hoanib Valley Camp is located in the Sesfontein Community Conservancy and can be reached by vehicle from Sesfontein. The camp sits on the banks of the Obias River, just outside the private 500 square kilometre Palmwag Concession, and overlooks the ephemeral Hoanib River.

The area is part of the Kaokoveld, a land of rugged scenery, mountains, vast plains, and dry riverbeds inhabited by incredible desert-adapted plant and animal life.

Self-Drivers can either drive to the camp from Sesfontein (4 x 4 required) or leave the vehcile at Sesfontein at a secure parking. The camp organizes transfers, leaving Sesfontein at 3pm and departing from camp at 09 am.

Flights are planned from Windhoek to Fort Sesfontein, and down to Shipwreck Lodge.

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By Vehicle Travel by road to Etendeka Mountain Camp
2 nights Etendeka Mountain Camp Etendeka Mountains

At Etendeka Mountain Camp everything revolves around the fantastic environment and its preservation. Nature is the main focus; the camp is kept simple and functional without sacrificing atmosphere and comfort. The food is delightfully fresh and is partly prepared on the open fire - nowhere in the world does it taste better than beneath the starry African sky.

Ten guest tents with outdoor bathrooms, bucket showers (hot and cold) and great mountain views serve as accommodation. Owner Dennis and his guides pass on their passion to their guests in a relaxed and honest way. The entire camp is solar powered; if you are looking for an eco-lodge worthy of the name, it is Etendeka Mountain Camp.

The two simple walking camps (River Camp & Hill Camp) can be visited as a stopover on a longer hike. Camp beds with duvets and pillows are placed on covered platforms and offer some basic comfort. A private bush shower and toilet are part of your «room» under the stars. The roof can be removed for an unobstructed view of the starry sky.

Etendeka Mountain Camp sits on the foothills of the Grootberg massif in a private 55,000 hectare concession. You will be the only visitors to this area for miles around, because only guests of Etendeka are allowed here.

Self-drivers park their rental vehicle at Palmwag Lodge and are picked up at 4pm for the 18km trip to camp. The transfer takes about 1.5 hours.

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By Vehicle Travel by road to Etosha Oberland Lodge
2 nights Etosha Oberland Lodge Etosha South

Etosha Oberland Lodge offers an ideal base for exploring Etosha National Park. The lodge is designed in a modern safari style and offers 20 tent chalets that are pleasantly private and spacious. Each guest unit has an ample bathroom, an open lounge and private seating area as well as air conditioning, fridge and coffee/tea making facilities. The required power is generated by the lodge‘s own solar system. There are also three family rooms with an extra bedroom.

The main building of Etosha Oberland Lodge is surrounded by tall mopane trees. The restaurant and its terrace offer views of the waterhole, where animals may pass by anytime. Other amenities include a swimming pool, bar and a spacious lounge area with various sofa corners where guests can relax after their safari. The curio shop exclusively offers products by artists from Namibia.

Wifi both in the main building and in the rooms.

Etosha Oberland Lodge is located 12 km or ten minutes drive from Anderson's Gate in the south of the Etosha National Park in a private area of 5,000 hectares. The road to the lodge is signposted close to the new Taleni gas station.

The Etosha National Park is one of the most important nature reserves in southern Africa. It exists since 1907 and covers an area of 22,270 km². The central and eastern sections consist mainly of various silvery-white shining salt pans, which have made Etosha famous. In the dry season the park, the animals and the vehicles are covered in a whitish haze of salt dust.

On the southern shore of the huge Etosha Pan (130 x 50 km) there are several waterholes, which magically attract the animals from the surrounding area during the dry season. The three large state camps Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni connect Anderson's Gate in the south with the von Lindequist Gate in the east. The western part towards Galton Gate is much more wooded and less frequented by visitors, but it also offers less trails to drive around and find wildlife.

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Transport Mode Game drives in Etosha National Park
Today you venture off yourself to do game drives in Etosha National Park. It will probably take you the whole day as you slowly drive through the park and visit the signalled waterholes where the animals usually congregate.

By Vehicle Travel by road to Onguma Tented Camp
2 nights Onguma Tented Camp Etosha East

Intimate and luxurious, Onguma Tented Camp offers uninterrupted views of a natural waterhole (lit at night) from anywhere in the camp. With a little luck, guests will encounter giraffe, jackal, antelope, zebra, wildebeest and maybe even a rare black rhino.

The main building houses a generously sized lounge, restaurant, wine cellar and swimming pool. The camp comprises just seven bright and spacious house tents, each with its own veranda, indoor and outdoor shower, elegant tin bathtub and separate WC. The light-coloured furnishings are designed to reflect the forms and colours of Etosha’s landscape.

The camp is unfenced, which means there is a minimum age requirement for our younger guests.

Onguma Game Reserve offers three further accommodation possibilities:

Read more about Onguma - The Fort
Read more about Onguma Tree Top Camp
Read more about Onguma Bush Camp

Onguma Game Reserve is situated 10 km north of Von Lindequist Gate in the east of Etosha National Park. Onguma Game Reserve is made up of 34,000 hectares of former farmland, which has been restored in a few short years to its natural state. Because this huge area is used exclusively by guests of Ongumas' camps, it guarantees an almost undisturbed wilderness experience.

The Etosha National Park is one of the most important nature reserves in southern Africa. It exists since 1907 and covers an area of 22,270 km². The central and eastern sections consist mainly of various silvery-white shining salt pans, which have made Etosha famous. In the dry season the park, the animals and the vehicles are covered in a whitish haze of salt dust.

On the southern shore of the huge Etosha Pan (130 x 50 km) there are several waterholes, which magically attract the animals from the surrounding area during the dry season. The three large state camps Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni connect Anderson's Gate in the south with the von Lindequist Gate in the east. The western part towards Galton Gate is much more wooded and less frequented by visitors, but it also offers less trails to drive around and find wildlife.

Etosha National Park is Namibia's premier safari destination. Covering almost the same area as Switzerland, Etosha is one of the largest national parks in Africa. To the west of the park lay the silvery white salt pans and adjoining waterholes, which magically attract all kinds of wildlife during the dry season.

Read more here

By Vehicle Travel by road to Zannier Omaanda
2 nights Zannier Omaanda Zannier Reserve

Zannier Omaanda is a very comfortable accommodation in close proximity to Windhoek International Airport. Although Omaanda is located in a private game reserve and also offers game drives, this accommodation should not be considered a safari lodge but a beautiful place to relax, for example after a long journey. Omaanda means «rhino» in the local Oshiwambo language.

The eight very luxurious rooms, whose design was inspired by the traditional Owambo architecture, are about 60m² in size, tastefully furnished and have large king-size beds, separate bathrooms with walk-in shower, Nespresso machine, music system and an outside deck for relaxing. The two additional family rooms are about 120m² in size and offer two separate en-suite bedrooms.

The main area features a cozy bar and restaurant, a spa with two double treatment rooms, a boutique and a heated infinity swimming pool overlooking the majestic savannah. The restaurant offered a selection of outstandingly delicious dishes when we visited.

Wifi is available in all rooms and in the main building.

Omaanda is located only ten kilometers from the International Airport and about an hour‘s drive from Windhoek City Center. From the main road, follow the signs for N/a‘an ku sê for about 20km until you see the gate to Zannier Reserve. From there it is another 6km to the lodge.

Omaanda is part of the private 9,000 hectare Zannier Reserve by N/a‘an ku sê.

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By Vehicle Travel by road to Windhoek
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Individual journey. The journey will be planned on your preferred dates.

Duration 21 nights. Min 2 guests. Trip vice versa possible.
Inclusive / Exclusive
Includes all transfers from Windhoek to the hotels/camps to Windhoek
  • Olive Grove Guesthouse: Luxury Room. Breakfast.
  • Kwessi Dunes: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), twice daily activities with one of the camp guides. Included guided excursion to the dunes of Sossusvlei and balloon flight.
  • Strand Hotel: Luxury Room. Breakfast.
  • Mowani Mountain Camp: View Room. Dinner, breakfast. Visit the rock engravings of Twyfelfontein on your own. Includes elephant activity to find the desert adapted elephants.
  • Shipwreck Lodge: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
  • Hoanib Valley Camp: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
  • Etendeka Mountain Camp: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
  • Etosha Oberland Lodge: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast. Game Drives on your own or bookable at the lodge.
  • Onguma Tented Camp: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast. Game Drives on your own or bookable at the lodge.
  • Zannier Omaanda: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast, drinks during these meals (except premier brands).
Includes fully insured vehicle with maximum excess reduction. Toyota Fortuner 4 x 4 SUV or similar.
Not included are international flights, gratuities, compulsary comprehensive travel insurance, visa fees, local airport fees, personal purchases.

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