21 nights
Fly & Drive
Fish & Vogel
Kalahari, Fish River, Aus, Namib Rand, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe, Twyfelfontein, Hoanib, Etosha
This is a travel example and shows one of the many possibilities if you want to combine aircraft and vehicle.

This trip takes you all the way down south to the Fish River from where you work your way back north. You will visit the Fish River canyon on a guided day trip and experience the old abandoned mines in the Sperrgebiet around Luderitz. You then follow some very scenic roads to the Namib Rand area and the big sand dunes of Sossusvlei, where you admire the high dunes and enjoy a balloon flight. Your drive will take you via Swakopmund along the Brandberg Massif to the Spitzkoppe and to Twyfelfontein, where you will track desert elephants and marvel at rock paintings. You will now leave your vehicle behind and fly by small plane to the Hoanib Valley and the wildlife-rich Etosha National Park, where you will visit the many waterholes and have the opportunity to admire a variety of animals up close. From Etosha you will fly back to Windhoek, arriving at approximately 14:50.

By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Bagatelle Kalahari Farmhouse
You pick up your rental vehicle and set off.
1 night Bagatelle Kalahari Farmhouse Marienthal

The classy Boutique Farmhouse was opened in 2020 and offers an elegant alternative to the Bagatelle Kalahari Lodge. 4 Luxury Rooms and 4 Standard Rooms are available to guests of the farmhouse. All come with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and private terraces with magnificent views of the dunes - the Luxury Rooms offer more space as well as a bathtub.

The tasteful dining room and the large main terrace with infinity pool invite you to relax. Enjoy the unique view of the red dunes of the Kalahari with a sundowner in your hand.

The Farmhouse is situated close to Mariental on the edge of the Southern Kalahari. Its surroundings are characterised by parallel red sand dunes that form a remarkably picturesque landscape.

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By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Fish River Lodge
2 nights Fish River Lodge Fish River Canyon

Marvel at the world’s second largest canyon from the lodge’s terrace! Fish River Lodge is the only lodge situated on the very edge of the spectacular Fish River Canyon, offering guests unparalleled views from sunrise to sunset. The Fish River has nibbled away at the rock for millions of years to create a river valley 550 m deep and 90 km long - and you are sleeping just 8 m from the abyss ...!

The unique quiver trees that are found all around the lodge have had a great influence on the design of the lodge. The dark exterior colour of the main building and the rooms blends seamlessly with the harsh, stony surroundings. The interior decor is a mix of traditional and modern furniture, with many accessories created in the workshops of nearby San and Nama people.

The lodge offers 20 spacious chalets with large window façades allowing spectacular views of the canyon. The rooms have a veranda with deckchairs, a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom with indoor and outdoor shower. Due to the exposed location, strong thermal winds are likely to arise in the afternoon as the temperature rises, which can become a bit noisy. For this reason, on arrival guests are given a welcome pack with earplugs to ensure a good night's sleep.

Sandy paths connect the chalets with the main building. Here you will find the reception, the restaurant, the lounge and of course the large outdoor area with pool and deckchairs and direct access to the bar.

The lodge can be accessed by road or air. Flight time is approximately 2 hours from Windhoek. The lodge is situated just 10 minutes drive from the airstrip.

The access road is NOT from Seeheim, but further west, as the lodge is located on the western side of the canyon. The drive from Keetmanshoop towards Lüderitz to the D463 turn-off takes one hour, then another hour on the gravel road D463 to the next signpost 'Fish River Lodge', from where it is about another 30 minutes to the lodge.

The former farms 'Vergelee' and 'Soutkuil' have been merged into a private Canyon Nature Park. Guests of Fish River Lodge enjoy exclusive access to a 45,000 hectare area, which includes 74 km of the Fish River riverbed itself.

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Transport Mode Day Trip into Fish River Canyon

By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Eagle's Nest
2 nights Eagle's Nest Klein-Aus Vista

Eagle's Nest lies only ten minutes drive from Desert Horse Inn, on the other side of the hill. Is a collection of seven rustic yet imaginatively constructed bungalows spread over a mountain slope and built to blend seamlessly with the landscape. In front of the chalets stretches a wide, beautiful plain which is only intersected by the Lüderitz - Aus railway line. With a bit of luck, a train will creep past, carrying mostly raw materials to the port of Lüderitz. Otherwise, this is an absolutely quiet and lonely location.

The chalets vary in design and size, but all offer a bathroom with shower, a fireplace and a private veranda. Mountain View, Bungalow 1 & 2, The Cave, The Wall are relatively close to each other, The Rock just some distance further up the hill. The Boulders (a chalet with two separate en-suite bedrooms and a shared lounge), Desert Vista and at the very end the Eagle's View (Triple) follow at a relatively large distance.

There is no restaurant at Eagle's Nest. The chalets have a kitchenette and a barbecue grill so everybody can prepare his own food. We recommend that you order a barbecue dinner at the Desert Horse Inn, which is then lovingly prepared in a picnic basket to take along. In the evening all you have to do is put the potatoes and meat on the grill and enjoy your dinner. This option is also available for breakfast. Alternatively, you can drive to the Desert Horse Inn for dinner (10 minutes drive).

On arrival at the Desert Horse Inn, please report to the reception desk where you will receive the key to the chalet and directions.

The harbour town of Lüderitz is just 121 km away, as is the deserted diamond city of Kolmanskuppe, which is located just 10 km outside of Lüderitz. The actual village is called Aus - a little more than 1,000 people still live here. The highlights of Aus are the petrol station, the police statin at the entrance of the village, the «Bahnhofhotel» and the train that runs through the village.

The Desert Horse Inn owns a very beautiful, private area (51,000 hectares, called Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand Park) which includes rocky outcrops, hidden valleys and wide meadows. It is just the perfect location for hiking or mountain biking.

Klein Aus Vista is a hub for travellers en-route from Fish River Canyon to the North, and a perfect base for visiting the Tiras Mountains. The D707 is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Namibia and if you have time, you should allow yourself this little diversion. The road basically runs between the last red sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the Tiras rock range - a beautiful spot of lonely nature.

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Transport Mode Visit old Diamond Mines, Bogenfels
South of Kolmanskuppe further diamond fields were found. These are located within the restricted area (Sperrgebiet) and can therefore only be visited with a special permit. These are the diamond areas Pomona and Bogenfels, which can be visited on a guided tour from Lüderitz. Bogenfels is also the name of a fascinating rock formation. The excursion starts in the morning at about 9 am, with return to Lüderitz at around 5 pm.

By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Zannier Sonop
2 nights Zannier Sonop NamibRand

Zannier Sonop, which means «Sunrise», was built on a hill that consists mainly of large boulders. The ten comfortable, climate-controlled tents are nestled between these boulders and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. All rooms offer magnificent views over vast plains. The rooms have en-suite bathrooms with bath/shower and double lavado, mini-bar, tea/coffee station and Wifi. Two of the tents are family rooms with two en-suite bedrooms and a shared lounge. The interior is hand-selected, of very good quality and reflects the pioneering style of the old explorers.

The elevated position of the lodge results in a bit of climbing on staircases. The beautiful pool area for example is located at the foot of the hill and you need some stamina to get down and up again, but it is worth it. The spa/fitness room is right next door.

From the car park where guests arrive, you are driven up in an electric buggy on a steep wooden driveway to the main building that sits at the very top. After check-in at the reception you have the possibility to eat in the restaurant or enjoy the view from the lounge. In the evening, the team lights a fire and many small lights along the walkways point the way to your comfortable room.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is one of southern Africa's largest private reserves. A large number of sheep farms were combined with the aim of creating an unfenced nature reserve where animals can roam freely. The reserve covers 200,000 hectares bordering on the Namib Naukluft Park to the west, and the Nubib Mountains in the east.

Zannier Sonop borders the NamibRand reserve to the south. The lodge is reached via the D707, which is considered one of the most beautiful roads in Namibia. The road basically runs between the last red sand dunes of the Namib Desert and the Tiras mountain range - a beautifully wild and lonely spot in Namibia. The entrance to the lodge is about 6km from the turnoff D707/C13, about one hour south of Wolwedans Boulders. The drive from Aus to the D707 junction takes about 45 minutes, from there another two hours on the D7070 to the Sonop.

The lodge has a private airstrip with a reception building. All vehicles have to be parked here. A lodge's vehicle will transfer you to the lodge. The drive to the Sonop takes about 10 minutes.

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By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Little Kulala
2 nights Little Kulala Sossusvlei

Little Kulala offers eleven climate-controlled rooms (it's very hot in the Namib region from November onwards!) with en-suite facilities, extra outdoor shower, private plunge pool, veranda with outdoor lounge, and a skybed where guests can spend a romantic night under the clear, starry sky.

The camp places great emphasis on natural materials, and the colours of the linen, cotton and mohair fabrics blend seamlessly into the natural surroundings. The Kulala Camps stand out for their fantastic location close to the Sossuvlei dunes and with exclusive access to the park.

Little Kulala is situated in the dry Namib Desert within the Kulala Wilderness Reserve. With its own gate to the reserve, the camp offers quick, direct vehicle access to the dunes and the Vleis. The normal distance to the dunes from the main gate is 65 km on asphalt; the last 5 km are deep sand and therefore only suitable for 4x4 vehicles.

Sossusvlei is the area most associated with Namibia: Red dunes as far as the eye can see (up to 380 m high, coloured red by the clay-rich sand) and dead trees in the Vleis or pans, decaying slowly at the will of the arid climate. The Vleis were created by the Tsauchab River, which probably once flowed to the Atlantic some 50 km away. The whole Sossusvlei region is quenched with water during those very rare years when a good amount of rain falls, prompting bushes and flowers to spring up everywhere.

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Transport Mode Excursion to the dunes of Sossusvlei
Today you visit the high sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Dune 45, Hidden Vlei, Dead Vlei are amongst the highlights. Some guests climb Big Daddy, the highest dune in the area. A real challenge, even for the sportive ones amongst you. Please bring enough water!

Transport Mode Balloon Safari over Sossusvlei
The balloon safari at Sossusvlei starts very early, inflation of the balloon needs to be done before sunrise and before the winds pick up. Once the balloon is airborne you drift silently and effortlessly over the desert for about an hour. Every now and then the pilot starts the burners, but between these occasional blasts of fire, there is no sound. The views of the Namib Desert are exceptional.

On landing (wherever the wind has taken you) there is a champagne breakfast waiting for you.

By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Strand Hotel
2 nights Strand Hotel Swakopmund

The new Strand Hotel has set a new standard in Swakopmund. Uniquely located on the iconic and historic Swakopmund Mole and surrounded on three sides by the Southern Atlantic Ocean its 125 rooms and suites make this hotel one of the larger ones in town, but of those certainly the one with the best seaside location. All rooms have tea & coffee stations, mini-bars, hair-dryers, TV’s, free Wi-Fi Internet access, telephones and air-conditioning.

The Strand Hotel offers its residential guests and all casual visitors three exciting restaurants. The Farmhouse Deli is good for coffee, cake, sandwiches and fresh salads. The Brewer & Butcher welcomes beer and meat lovers. The Ocean Cellar caters for guests who prefer seafood, sushi, oyster and a glass of fine white wine.

The Strand Hotel is destined to become the social epicenter of Swakopmund for locals and tourists alike.

The Strand Hotel is centrally located directly at the beach and close to the light house. If you want to swim in the ocean be warned, the water is very refreshing due to the cold Benguela current. However you may see some brave local on his surfboard and of course the kids who play in the shallow water during the warmer summer months.

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By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Spitzkoppen Lodge
2 nights Spitzkoppen Lodge Spitzkoppe

Spitzkoppen Lodge comprises fifteen chalets with en-suite facilities and a comfortable veranda. The rooms are nestled between rounded boulders, blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

The main area is located a bit higher than the rooms and contains the dining area, a lounge and a bar. Behind the main area, with a beautiful view over the landscape, a natural pool offers a welcoming refreshment after the long hot days.

The rooms are connected to the main area by elevated walkways. If you are tired or just find the way to the rooms too far, a golfcart will be used for transport.

Located 120 km east of Swakopmund, Spitzkoppe is a group of granite peaks or inselbergs. The highest peak towers about 700m above the surrounding plains and is often called the Matterhorn of Namibia due to its distinctive shape.

The lodge is hidden between the rocks and can be reached from the main road in about 20 minutes. From the main gate it is another three minutes to the reception and parking area.

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By Car You travel by rental vehicle
Travel by road to Mowani Mountain Camp
2 nights Mowani Mountain Camp Twyfelfontein

Mowani Mountain Camp comprises 12 charming rooms with high thatched roofs and comfortable verandas. The dome-like main roof leaves a window to the sky above the beds, stargazing from the bed so to say. The rooms are nestled between rounded boulders and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. The room categories are defined by the quality of the view - accordingly there are 4 Superior View Rooms (No 1-4) with sunset view, 3 View Rooms (No 5-7) with view into a hidden valley and 5 Standard View Rooms (No 8-12). Some of the rooms have been extended with a canopy, under which a dome tent is placed, accommodating two children. Alternatively, these beds can be added to the room if parents prefer.

Mowani also offers a Luxury Room, a Mini Suite and the Mountain Suite with butler service, lounge and private dining area. These three rooms are larger and offer more privacy than the other rooms, but only the Mountain Suite stands out with a truly magnificent view.

The central area includes a small rock swimming pool with great views, lounge, restaurant and an extra wifi lounge. In the evening most guests visit the rock-top viewing plateau to enjoy the sunset. The sundowner drink is added to the view upon request.

Mowani is located near Twyfelfontein and is accessed via D2612 or by light aircraft to Twyfelfontein Airstrip. The camp is built in a hidden valley amidst a boulder landscape only some minutes drive from the road.

Just across the road lies Camp Kipwe, Mowani‘s sister camp.

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Transport Mode Trip to find the desert elephants in Huab river
Embark on a guided nature drive. With luck, you will encounter desert elephant in their natural environment, particularly prevalent in the Huab River Valley.

Transport Mode Visit Twyfelfontein Bushman Art
The ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein are well worth a visit. Home to 2500 rock engravings and paintings, Twyfelfontein was added to the World Heritage Site list in 2007.

By Plane Flight to Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp
3 nights Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp Kaokoveld

The exclusive Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp compromises just eight twin-bedded tents and one family unit. The tents are raised on platforms and include a private shaded outdoor lounge.

The central part of the camp compromises a big tent with bar, lounge, library and dining area. A second lounge and the swimmingpool area are located on either side of the main building. The fire pit in front of camp is the meeting point for pre-dinner drinks and early breakfasts.

The camp has views north towards the Hoanib river and is flanked east and west by rugged hills. The camp looks out onto a small waterhole that is often visited by elephant, oryx and other mammals.

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is located on a private concession available only to the guests of the lodge. This huge area includes the Hoanib riverbed and its banks from Amspoort down to the ocean. Only guests of Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp are allowed to use this area on scenic drives and excursions.

The camp was built close to the Hoanib River, in a remote part of the Kaokoveld bordering the Palmwag Concession to the north. It is part of the Kaokoveld, a land of rugged scenery, mountains, vast plains, and dry riverbeds inhabited by incredible desert-adapted plant and animal life.

The Hoanib river remains dry for most time of the year. However, once the first rains fall, usually not before November, the Hoanib can temporarily turn into a wild river.

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Transport Mode Day trip to the skeleton coast
The excursion to the Skeleton Coast depends on the wheather conditions - wind and fog on the coast need to be considered. It is mostly conducted as a scenic drive in the Hoanib riverbed to the coast combined with a flight back to camp, showcasing the dramatic landscape from the air. Once you arrive at Moewe Bay, a tiny ranger post within the National Park, you will be driven to an impressive seal colony and then either to view an old shipwreck or south to Hoanib Mouth and Klein Oase. Lunch will be served on a beautiful spot along the coast.

By Plane Flight to Anderssons Camp
3 nights Anderssons Camp Etosha South

Anderssons Camp is situated in the private Ongava Reserve close to Etosha National Park. The camp offers a very private safari experience with only seven double rooms and one family room. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms, indoor and outdoor shower, air-conditioning and a private viewing deck with 180 degree panorama. The family room consits of two suites (each with it's own bathroom and entrance) that are linked by a short walkway.

The main building features great views of the waterhole in front of camp. Guests can watch the animals from the spacious and comfortable lounge. Should you wish to get even closer, a photographic hide not far from camp offers a water level view of the prolific wild and birdlife. There is also a library, a curio shop, a beautiful infinity pool and a photo lounge, where you can check your own photos and send them to friends (Wi-Fi available).

A highlight of Anderssons Camp is the Ongava Research Centre. Researchers and scientists have their working space here and you are invited to visit the exhibition area and attend the interactive presentations in the auditorium.

There are three other choices. Ongava Tented Camp, Little Ongava and Ongava Lodge are also situated in the Ongava Game Reserve.

Anderssons Camp is situated in the Ongava Game Reserve, which borders Etosha National Park to the south. The reserve is mainly covered by mopane forest, but also offers several beautiful, open plains. Anderssons Camp is located approximately 10 minutes from Anderson's Gate.

The Etosha National Park is one of the most important nature reserves in southern Africa. It exists since 1907 and covers an area of 22,270 km². The central and eastern sections consist mainly of various silvery-white shining salt pans, which have made Etosha famous. In the dry season the park, the animals and the vehicles are covered in a whitish haze of salt dust.

On the southern shore of the huge Etosha Pan (130 x 50 km) there are several waterholes, which magically attract the animals from the surrounding area during the dry season. The three large state camps Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni connect Anderson's Gate in the south with the von Lindequist Gate in the east. The western part towards Galton Gate is much more wooded and less frequented by visitors, but it also offers less trails to drive around and find wildlife.

Etosha National Park is Namibia's premier safari destination. Covering almost the same area as Switzerland, Etosha is one of the largest national parks in Africa. To the west of the park lay the silvery white salt pans and adjoining waterholes, which magically attract all kinds of wildlife during the dry season.

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By Plane Flight to Windhoek
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Individual journey. The journey will be planned on your preferred dates.

Duration 21 nights. Min 2 guests. Minimum age 6 years. Weight limit of luggage 20 kg. Luggage in one soft bag only.
Inclusive / Exclusive
Includes all transfers from Windhoek to the hotels/camps to Windhoek
  • Bagatelle Kalahari Farmhouse: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast.
  • Fish River Lodge: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast. Includes guided drive into Fish River Canyon.
  • Eagle's Nest: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast. Includes day trip to the old mining towns in the Sperrgebiet.
  • Zannier Sonop: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
  • Little Kulala: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides. Includes guided excursion to the Sossusvlei dunes and balloon
  • Strand Hotel: Luxury Room. Breakfast.
  • Spitzkoppen Lodge: Double Room. Dinner, breakfast.
  • Mowani Mountain Camp: View Room. Dinner, breakfast. Includes a guided trip to find the desert adapted elephants.
  • Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides. Includes day trop to the skeleton coast / Möwe Bay.
  • Anderssons Camp: Double Room. All meals, drinks (except premier brands), laundry service, twice daily activities with one of the camp guides.
Includes fully insured vehicle with maximum excess reduction. Toyota Fortuner 4 x 4 SUV automatic or similar.
Not included are international flights, gratuities, compulsary comprehensive travel insurance, visa fees, local airport fees, personal purchases.

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