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These mobile camps are used for the walking safari along the Mupamadzi river in the South Luangwa National Park

Children:from 21 years
Mupamadzi Bush Camp South Luangwa National Park

Mupamadzi Bush Camping’s mobile camps are used on Robin Pope walking safaris along the Mupamadzi River in the northern part of South Luangwa Park.

The walk-in tents are equipped with simple beds; a shared bush shower and simple WC are located nearby. Dinner is prepared over an open fire and served under the stars. Accommodation is simple yet perfectly adequate. There is no electricity and the camp is lit by the campfire, paraffin lamps and torches.

Mupamadzi Bush Camping is part of a seven-day guided tour, which begins in Nkwali Camp and comprises 5 days of bush camping and walking safaris.

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