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Per person per night
CHF 287Double Room

All meals.

Good to know
Children:from 1 to 12 years
Families:Children 1-4 stay for free if sharing with parents, children 5-11 pay 50% if sharing with parents.
Kisima Ngeda Lake Eyasi

Kisima Ngeda is a rustic little camp that offers cultural interactions with the local people that leave around Lake Eyasi. The main activity here is interaction with the Hadzabe hunter-gatherer tribes, the remnants of which inhabit the forests around the lake.

The camp offers seven spacious tents with private verandahs overlooking the lake. It is built in a grove of acacia and palm trees in a pretty location close to the Lake Shore. Kisima Ngeda’s décor draws on elements from the surrounding landscape and incorporates elements of traditional Hadzabe culture. Besides the main area with lounge there is also a refreshing pool.

Kisima Ngeda is located on the shores of Lake Eyasi and offers stunning views over the seasonal soda lake looking up to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the one side and across to the Alipi escarpment on the other.

It's about 3 1/2 hours total from Arusha; from the turn off at Karatu it takes about 1.5 hours to get to the camp.

Kisima Ngeda offers a different experience from what you’ll find on a traditional safari. The Datoga are a pastoral group like the Maasai and you may visit one of their villages.

One can also venture into the bush with the nomadic, hunter-gatherer Hadzabe Bushmen. Spending a day with the Hadzabe, hunter-gatherers that speak a historical language of the continent, enables a journey back into the past. These trips usually start early in the morning and generally end late in the morning.

Good to know
There is not always water in the lake as the water level very much depends on local rainfall. The lake can dry out. Typically the dry season lasts from June to November.

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